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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

TEA FRIENDS WHO BLOG SERIES: Nancy and Susanna of Rosemary's Sampler

I have known Nancy for many years as we are both members of a large online tea group. I got to know her even better when she joined us on the Tea in London tour.
You will definitely want to follow Nancy and Susanna's blog if you love tearooms, herbs and delicious recipes. They are both experts on the subjects!

You will love Nancy and Susanna's homespun blog. I hope you will visit and drop them a line.

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1. Your first name: Nancy and Susanna (sisters)

2. Where do you call home: We reside in downtown Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.  We live in a series of post-Civil War red-brick row homes: Susanna's home is on one end; my home and Sweet Remembrances (the tea room) is in the middle; and The Rosemary House (herb and gift shop) is on the other end. We are located in the Historic District of our charming town.

3. Name of your blog: Rosemary's Sampler

4. Blog address:

5. How would you describe your blog? Our blog is devoted to herbs and tea, sharing hints, tips, recipes, and more. Typically, Susanna blogs about herbs, and Nancy blogs about tea. On occasion, we toss in a little bit about our family, travel, and other tidbits that we think our readers might enjoy.

6. What was the spark that got you started in blogging?  It provided an opportunity to act as a journal of our activities at both Sweet Remembrances Tea Room and The Rosemary House, the herb and gift shop. We blog frequently, attempting to blog six days a week so our blog moves right along as do our active lives.  

7. What do you do when you're not working on your blog?  As small business entrepreneurs, we devote the majority of our time to the business.  In addition, Susanna is a wife and mother of 3 kids.  Nancy is a busy Aunt.  We enjoy traveling with the family, reading, and blog hopping.

8. Name one or two of your favorite non tea-related websites:  Susanna enjoys The Essential Herbal, and Nancy is frequently visiting All Recipes in search of dinner ideas!

(You can also find The Rosemary House on Facebook and Sweet Remembrances on Facebook.)

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