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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tea Drinkers' Hall of Shame: The Teabag

1. Despite the cute Twinings advert in the video above, jiggling a teabag up and down into water does not hasten the steeping process. #teadrinkershallofshame (Best practice: Let the teabag steep in the cup.)

2. Removing the teabag from your cup and placing it on the saucer looks messy and there will be a puddle of tea in your saucer which will produce a dripping teacup when you lift it. #teadrinkershallofshame (Best practice: Remove teabag to a separate saucer/vessel, or use a tea tidy.)

3. Draining a tea bag by winding the string around a spoon is a major tea etiquette faux pas. #teadrinkershallofshame  (Best practice: See above.)

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