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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Top 10 Tea Companies

In 2008, when I lived back in the States,  these were the Top 10 tea companies that appeared when I Googled the word "tea".
1.   Adagio Tea
2.   Stash Tea
3.   Upton Tea
4.   Republic of Tea
5.   Golden Moon Tea
6.   Revolution Tea
7.   Harney & Sons
8.   SpecialTeas
9.   Mighty Leaf
10. Yogi Tea

Four years on, I thought I'd try it again. Here are the results:
1.  Adagio Tea
2.  Stash Tea
3.  Twinings
4.  Republic of Tea
5.  PG Tips
6.  Harney & Sons
7.  Upton Tea
8.  Whittard
9.   Revolution Tea
10. David's Tea

Although I used for this experiment, I have a feeling that because I live in the UK, my search results were based upon my browsing history, etc. 

For my U.S. readers who have a few minutes, what are your [Top 10 tea companies] results when you Google the word 'tea' ??
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