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Monday, June 18, 2012


What starts with T, ends with T, is filled with T - and travels? Why, it's The Traveling Teapot of course!

Behold The Traveling Teapot
The Traveling Teapot is a current 'project' of the online tea group Afternoon Tea Across America. For the next year-and-a-half, a cute little plum-colored teapot (pictured above) will be making the rounds between seventeen ATAA group members. Every month a different person will "host" the teapot, sharing with others, in her own special way, the graciousness that a cup of tea represents.

The first stop for the Traveling Teapot was Oregon; it then journeyed across country to Ohio. Before the project ends, this well-traveled teapot will have visited California, Washington, Kentucky, Ohio, Oregon, Missouri, Florida, Canada - and France! 

A special Traveling Teapot blog has been created so that each hostess can share the teapot's experiences during its month in her care. I highly encourage you to visit the blog to see the imaginative ways the Traveling Teapot is being used to proclaim the virtues of "the cup that cheers".
More about Afternoon Tea Across America: ATAA is an online tea group with members from around the world. (I'm one of them!) Started in the year 2000, discussions center around anything and everything related to tea, and at every level. It is a place for learning and sharing - and members are truly very friendly and kind. Visit Afternoon Tea Across America for joining information.
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