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Monday, September 17, 2012

TEA FRIENDS WHO BLOG SERIES: Elizabeth of The Cup That Cheers (and The Hour For Tea)

I have known Elizabeth for quite a while thanks to an online tea group we are members of. Elizabeth is a very busy lady, between writing her blogs, writing a tea column , and her involvement in a historic costume guild!

Elizabeth's blogs are chock full of excellent tea information, and I hope you will visit and leave her a nice note before you leave.

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1. Your name: Elizabeth. 

2. Where do you call home: San Jose, California

3. Name of your blog: I have two blogs and a website that I write for. My blogs are The Cup That Cheers and The Hour For Tea, and I write for the website as the San Jose Tea Examiner. 

4. Blog address:,, and

5. How would you describe your blog? The Cup That Cheers is my oldest blog, around 4 years old, and I write about a variety of things, all related to history, tea, cooking or recipes, fashion, and society.  I announce the meetings of the tea guild that I direct (the South Bay Ladies' Tea Guild), show historic costumes that I have made or that I'm working on, antique and vintage recipes that I've re-created, comment on bits of poetry or information found in antique books and magazines, and talk about new recipes for tea parties, or tea party themes. 

The Hour For Tea is my newest blog, around a year old, and the posts there are all about various aspects of tea: history, vocabulary, recipes, reviews, tips, etc.

My San Jose Tea Examiner page is basically a copy of what I post on The Hour For Tea, condensed for easier reading, and made relevant for the area where I live.  

6. What was the spark that got you started in blogging? I started drinking tea when I was in college, and became a confirmed tea fan while studying abroad in England in the summer of 2000.  I have degrees in English and History, but didn't do much with writing once I graduated from college, until I got involved with The Ladies' Tea Guild, and ended up founding my own local chapter of the guild, the South Bay Ladies' Tea Guild, in 2004.  Writing and publishing a quarterly newsletter for the Guild members was, and still is, part of my role as Director, and that got me back into writing.  Blogging came in 2008 with writing a few articles for an internet magazine, Sweet Willa's Review (now defunct), seeing the way that blogs communicate and help create a community with their online presence, and my own desire to get in the habit of writing regularly.  I started The Cup That Cheers as a sort of online version of my tea guild newsletter, The Tea Times, and just continued from there.  

7. What do you do when you're not working on your blog? When I'm not working on one of my blogs or my tea guild newsletter, I'm generally planning events for the South Bay Ladies' Tea Guild, making historic costumes for myself or others (I'm a historic dressmaker and theater costumer), reading or doing research on the internet, cooking, or teaching history at the museum where I work.  

8. Name one or two of your favorite non tea related websites: Apart from tea blogs, I usually read two kinds of blogs, costuming and food-related blogs.  Favorite costume blogs include Time Traveling in Costume  and Wearing History. The Old Foodie and Food Librarian are two food blogs I read regularly. 


Marilyn said...

How nice to learn more about Elizabeth. Thanks for sharing.

Angela McRae said...

Thanks for introducing me to yet another interesting tea blogger. I'm especially intrigued by the historic costumes. Now if my sewing were a little snazzier ... !

South Bay Ladies' Tea Guild said...

Thanks for including me in your tea blog series! It's been fun visiting and re-visiting so many great blogs. Feel free, everyone, to visit me at The Cup That Cheers and my other blogs for a virtual chat over a cup of tea!

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