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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I have only just recently "met" Alex online via the tea network, but it was obvious from the start that this is one person who knows what they are talking about!

One of the nicest things about Alex is that when he leaves a comment on your blog, it is well-thought out and not just there to fill up space or say hello. He reads and digests what is written and always, always has an interesting viewpoint to share.

Visit Alex's blog(s) to learn more about tea, bird-watching, and a host of other interesting subjects .... and please leave him a 'hello' before you go.

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1. Your name: Alex

2. Where do you call home: Currently, Philadelphia, although my hometown is Lancaster, PA, and I have spent a lot of time in Northeast Ohio, and Newark, Delaware, and also identify with these places.

3. Name of your blog: Rate Tea

4. Blog address:

5. How would you describe your blog? An interactive website where anyone can rate and review teas, with a searchable database of teas classified by brand, style, and region, integrated with a vast array of informational articles on tea.

6. What was the spark that got you started in blogging? I started RateTea because I wanted a way to keep track of which teas I liked most.  It started as a side project, but recently I've been working on it close to full-time as it is growing into a full-fledged business in its own right.

7. What do you do when you're not working on your blog? When I'm not working on RateTea or my tea blog, I do swing dancing, blues dancing, salsa dancing, and occasionally contra dancing.  I also birdwatch, and do volunteer bird surveying for eBird.  I also am involved with Why This Way, which is a new religion a group of my friends and I founded, which is hard to sum up briefly, but focuses on respectful communication, building consensus, and building a healthy society through positive and respectful ways of thinking, communicating, and acting.

8. Name one or two of your favorite non tea-related websites: Probably eBird - a tool I use both to learn more about bird distribution, and to record and report my own bird observations. And also Why This Way - the official Wiki of Why This Way, which is not only a place where people can learn about the group's beliefs, but where participants in the group engage in discussion and hash out the various matters we are concerned with.

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Marilyn said...

Now I haven't heard of Alex, but will go exploring. His religion sounds fascinating. Love the reason he started blogging about tea too.

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