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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

TEAROOM TUESDAY: Tea Room in the Valley, Valley Park, MO

Today we visit Tea Room in the Valley in Valley Park, Missouri, just outside of St. Louis. This tearoom is owned by two friends, and is located within a restored 100-year old home.

I really like this wall color. And don't you just LOVE that beautiful sunshine as it filters through the lace curtains?

A rather clever idea ... although one can imagine what the tea basket looks like at the end of the day! Also a very nice touch to include a small pair of scissors for those teabags with heat-sealed edges.

Now THIS is clever and crafty. If you are a mosaic artist, they will give you their broken china if they have accumulated any in their "Boo Boo jar". Ha! I think every tea room should have a Boo Boo jar, don't you?


Two Cottages And Tea said...

Thanks for the visit to the lovely tearoom. I love the decor, looks so peaceful.

Sparkly Engineer said...

The owners are sweet as can be. My daughter and I visited here with a special friend from MN and enjoyed every minute. They serve water in pink glasses that is flavored with roses. I had to go out and purchase some rose water for my own water pitcher after that.

Marilyn said...

The Boo Boo jar is a perfect idea. Love the color and light in this tearoom. There use to be a company that took broken china and made jewelry from it. I actually gave them a broken teacup and had a charm made for my bracelet.

La Tea Dah said...

Such a fresh and elegant tea room. I love the lightness. It's so inviting. I wish I lived nearby so I could visit. How nice to see that Mary Ann (above) has been able to enjoy tea there with her daughter!

Angela McRae said...

I had a Boo Boo drawer in my kitchen desk until last year when I realized I had no mosaic classes on the horizon. I'd be happy to donate to others, though!

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