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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TEAROOM TUESDAY: The Song Garden Tea House, Cornish, NH

Today we visit The Song Garden Tea House, Cornish, NH and I must say - this is quite a unique place. The tearoom is nestled on a beautiful 'self-service, pick-your'own' Flower Farm.

From their website:

Scissors, Flower Baskets, Ribbons, Floral Life Packets, Jars, and Water are provided for your picking convenience. FREE WILL DONATION. Place your donation (cash or check) into the money box in the white tent at the garden gate and then record your donation in our log book.

How amazing is that? Well, just wait! Read on.... 

The tearoom is also self-service! Have you ever been to a self-service tearoom? I haven't!

From their website:
  • Tea and Treats are sold by FREE WILL DONATION, but with a suggested price list.
  • Please place your payment (cash or check) into our Tea House money box and record your purchase in our log book.
  • We feature many flavors of tea (hot or iced) from The Art of Tea of Los Angeles.
  • We have a tea/coffee bar.
  • We provide take out/to go cups and lids (compostible!) and/or china cups and mugs for your use in the Tea House.
  • Our table is always set and ready for your tea party!
  • Please serve yourself and enjoy your refreshments at our Tea House table alone or with friends, or head out to the Adirondack chairs on the beautiful grounds.
  • We have a children's tea party table set with little tea cups and saucers for your child's delight.
  • We also have a dolly tea set for your child's special best friend.

I find this absolutely fascinating and wish I was closer to New Hampshire as this is one tearoom I would most definitely want to visit!


Marilyn said...

What an enchanting concept. I just think it is wonderful that they would trust their customers to just serve themselves. It reminds me of a dairy I once long ago bought my milk at, it had the same concept of serving self, recording in a book, and leaving the money in a jar. Oh how I wish we could still do things like that in the city.

Angela McRae said...

Well now, THAT is certainly a different kind of tea room—and yes, I'd absolutely love to give it a try!

La Tea Dah said...

A darling idea! I would love to visit!

I've visited a pecan farm that was kind of like that --- not a soul in sight! All self-help --- packages of pecans and a gift shop.

Debs Dust Bunny said...

I love the pick-your-own flower feature. Here in the West Country, farmers often have stands outside their gates with eggs and veg for sale. The method of payment is an Honesty Box. It shows a deep seated faith in human nature and obviously, it is rewarded by continued patronage. The moral of the story, we should all expect the best from people and generally we will get it!

Nice piece of reporting... lovely subject!

Sarah Sedgwick Heath said...

A truly enchanting place. I often go there, from Connecticut. If you look closely, you will also encounter a white quartz labyrinth on the grounds and a perfect little frog pond. The tearoom features incredibly special teas from The Art of Tea. The flowers outdoors cascade into bloom just beneath a forested view of the tip of Ascutney Mountain.

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