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Monday, July 16, 2012

Everything Stops For Tea


Recently on Tea Quotation Saturday I shared my  favourite tea quote which is, "Wouldn't it be dreadful to live in a country where they didn't have tea?" As I pondered the question, I became very grateful indeed to live in a country where they have plenty of tea - and so was inspired to create this little video. 

The music is an old British song called "Everything Stops For Tea." I hope you enjoy it!

Featured in Jack Buchanan's 1935 comedy film, "Come Out Of The Pantry" (Goodhart / Hoffman / Sigler)

    Every nation in creation has its favourite drink
    France is famous for its wine, it's beer in Germany
    Turkey has its coffee and they serve it blacker than ink
    Russians go for vodka and England loves its tea

    Oh, the factories may be roaring
    With a boom-a-lacka, zoom-a-lacka, wee
    But there isn't any roar when the clock strikes four
    Everything stops for tea

    Oh, a lawyer in the courtroom
    In the middle of an alimony plea
    Has to stop and help 'em pour when the clock strikes four
    Everything stops for tea

    It's a very good English custom
    Though the weather be cold or hot
    When you need a little pick-up, you'll find a little tea cup
    Will always hit the spot

    You remember Cleopatra
    Had a date to meet Mark Antony at three
    When he came an hour late she said "You'll have to wait"
    For everything stops for tea

    Oh, they may be playing football
    And the crowd is yelling "Kill the referee!"
    But no matter what the score, when the clock strikes four
    Everything stops for tea

    Oh, the golfer may be golfing
    And is just about to make a hole-in-three
    But it always gets them sore when the clock yells "four!"
    Everything stops for tea

    It's a very good English custom
    And a stimulant for the brain
    When you feel a little weary, a cup'll make you cheery
    And it's cheaper than champagne

    Now I know just why Franz Schubert
    Didn't finish his unfinished symphony
    He might have written more but the clock struck four
    And everything stops for tea


Marilyn said...

Love it! Very nice, Denice!

Denise at Uniquely Tea said...

Thank you, Marilyn. It's a fun little song!

MMm.. said...

I totally agree and people here in States don't understand when I say what I miss most about home is the whole ritual of Tea. People think having coffee is same thing but its really is not--does not included ritual of taking time out, talking, etc. not as mellow either.

Denise at Uniquely Tea said...

Tea most definitely carries a different vibe here in the UK than anywhere else, doesn't it. I hope you are able to carve out a decent substitution there were you are, MMm.

Sparkly Engineer said...

Your slide show was delightful and the song charming. Thank you for sharing. I am going to share this with several of my friends.

Anne said...

Everything stops for tea, I love it. I will definitely have to keep that in mind on a busy day. I loved the video and the song. It was so cheery.

Denise at Uniquely Tea said...

I'm glad you liked it, Mary Anne, and thanks for sharing with your friends!

Denise at Uniquely Tea said...

It's a catchy little tune, isn't it, Anne? By the way, I LOVED the Breakfast Tray you made-over on your blog yesterday!

Christy Kay said...

I love these old songs you find. This one is cute!

Denise at Uniquely Tea said...

Thanks Christy. I've been humming this one, now, for days!

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