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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I live in England where not a lot of iced tea is consumed, although it is slowly becoming more popular. Funnily enough, the first place I encountered iced tea here was in London at a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown - go figure!

Back in America, June is National Iced Tea Month, so what better way to celebrate than breaking out the ice cubes and brewing up something a bit more creative than just tea and water.

 Blackberry Iced Tea

Doesn't the above picture look refreshing?!

4 family size tea bags or 4 T. loose tea leaves
1/2 c. sugar
1/4 c. chopped fresh mint (optional)

Brew tea according to package directions.
Add mint leaves and let steep for 10 minutes. 
Pour tea through a fine mesh strainer into pitcher.
Add syrup and sugar.  Stir to dissolve.
Fill with cold water; stir to combine. 
Serve cold over ice.
To garnish:
Take small skewers and string on fresh blackberries.  
Add to glasses with a sprig of mint.

 Do you have a favorite 'special' iced tea recipe?? 


relevanttealeaf said...

Very creative! In the world of tea it's as much about the details as it is the taste! [Kay & Terri taught us that!] But the taste is probably yummy too and I'll definitely try it! Great post!

Tea Lover Denise said...

Thank you, Phyllis. I've been seeing the most gorgeous blackberries in the grocery stores lately.

Oh my - I had not thought about Kay and Terri for some time now. Yes, too true: details, details, details! (Remember the meringue swans? LOL)

Alex Zorach said...

I love combining mint with tea, especially iced tea...never thought of blackberry but that's certainly a beautiful photo.

Here in the mid-Atlantic US, blackberries don't come ripe until quite late in summer. Right now we're almost in black raspberry season (my favorite).

I wonder if climate partially explains why iced tea is so much more popular in the states. Even the northerly parts of the US get much hotter summers than the UK does. Last summer, Philadelphia got 4 days around 100 degrees F (about 38C).

Tea Lover Denise said...

Hi Alex, it's always lovely to hear from you.

I think you are right about climate. As the changing climate now sees the UK warmer than ever before, perhaps that explains the appearance (and finally, acceptance!) of iced tea over here.

The availability of ice in pubs and restaurants has also dramatically increased the past few years which could also be a contributing factor towards the presence of iced tea in the UK.

Marilyn said...

Lemon verbena sprig makes a beautiful touch and tastes good too. Recently my son was playing around with combinations and said Jasmine tea with sparkling apple juice was delicious. I am trying that soon.

Tea Lover Denise said...

Marilyn, I like the idea of using lemon verbena, a nice alternative to mint.

Jasmine tea and sparkling apple juice sounds delicious, the use of a "sparkling" apple juice would really lift the taste I would think.

I read that in China, offering a Jasmine tea is a way of saying 'Welcome' to one's guests.

La Tea Dah said...

Happy National Iced Tea Month!

Tea Lover Denise said...

Thank you LaDonna!

Linda J. said...

I have been drinking more than my fair share of iced tea (ice tea) here in Kentucky with the high temperatures and humidity.

Happy to see you are back to blogging!

Tea Lover Denise said...

Hi Linda, it's so good to hear from you and thank you for the welcome back to blogging. I have missed it!

I wish our weather here in England was warm enough to be drinking iced tea but the only connection our weather has lately to a glass of iced tea is that there is plenty of WATER in the form of RAIN!

P.S. I can't *believe* how A.J. has grown!!!

amherstrose said...

So happy to "see" you here on your blog again, Dear Denise!!!

It is always a delight to check in each day to discover what you have to offer to other tea lovers.

The Iced Tea looks like just the thing for a hot humid day like we are having here. When we were at Martha's last year, I skewered the raspberries and froze them. A little frozen treat almost like berry ice cubes.

Hope you have a happy day!

Mary Jane

Tea Lover Denise said...

Hi Mary Jane - thank you for stopping by! It's great to be back. xxx

Those little frozen raspberries sound delightful!

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