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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I make no apologies for the fact that we drink bagged tea at our house. We love PG Tips. End of.

As a tea enthusiast, I know how wonderfully delicious loose leaf tea is - and I do indeed prepare and drink loose leaf tea - but this is how we roll here most of the time, and I have no complaints about it whatsoever.

And whether it's Elevenses, a late afternoon tea tray, or our evening cuppa during EastEnders, chances are you'll find one (or all!) of these McVitie's biscuits on our plates, as well. (Dunking allowed.)


 I found this beautifully poignant video on YouTube. 
Warning: Tea, biscuits and handkerchief required.


Melissa Stoey said...

Well that's a relief! The only time I use loose is if I'm at a tea room or I accidentally grab loose PG at the store. I'm lazy and it's too messy for me. I certainly like other brands too, like Barry's, Yorkshire, London Cuppa but it's pretty much PG all day, every day baby!

Denise at Uniquely Tea said...

You can take the girl out of Britain, but you can't .... yada yada yada :-)

Yes, we can all breathe a sigh of relief now that we know Tea Lover Denise uses teabags. ROFLOL

Marilyn said...

Very touching video. I drink so much loose that it feels strange when I have a teabag. I will say teabags are so much simpler to use.

Hannah McGimpsey said...

Hey, I just found this blog and am quite taken with it :) have to say my choice of McVities has to be the plain chocolate ones although once I open a packet...sometimes I make more tea just so I can have more biscuits!
Anyway, great blog!

Denise at Uniquely Tea said...

Good morning Hannah, and thank you! I'm glad you found us.

I see you are up in York; we are in Surrey, Greater London.

I am not familiar with Lu Lin tea but will have a further look around your website. I'm currently in the process of creating a fantastic Tea in England blog. Perhaps once it's ready you can tell me more about Lu Lin.



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