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Monday, June 25, 2012

J's Tea-rific Teapot Museum, Elloree, South Carolina

Julian and Sybil Boland, of the delightful little town of Elloree, South Carolina, have been collecting teapots for over 20 years. In the world of collecting, that's not really a very long time, but the Boland's have traveled throughout the world and, according to them, their collection numbers in the tens of thousands.

The Boland's run the local pharmacy in Elloree. I visited with them many years ago and saw some of their teapots which, at that time, were displayed in their shop.  

It had been a dream of Julian and Sybil to one day open a museum to house their teapot collection, and that dream came true on June 9 of this year when  J's Tea-rific Teapot Museum opened its doors.

If you've never been inside a teapot before (show of hands, please) you can cross it off your Bucket List by visiting the museum entrance to the museum - it's located within a 20-foot long blue one directly behind the pharmacy. Entry is free. Open hours are Wed-Fri, and other times by appointment. (Elloree is about an hour's drive from Charleston.)

Thanks to my back-home-blogging-buddy Joan (below) of Charleston Daily Photo for the information and allowing me to share her teapot museum pictures.

(Joan, there's no free tea in there.)


belinda in sc said...

Took me awhile to realize you are back! And living in England! Lucky you.
I looked forward to your posts as I did years ago.
Since I am in SC I will check this out.

Denise at Uniquely Tea said...

Hi Belinda,

Yes, I'm back! Thanks for your support.

If you ever do end up over in Elloree, would love to hear from you what it was like. Take plenty of pictures!

Marilyn said...

How fun to have a big blue teapot sitting in this town. Not sure I will travel this way, but if I do I will definitely want to stop here. Thanks, Denise, for the tip.

La Tea Dah said...

How cute! Do all the teapots they own fit into that museum? I would love to go there --- wish it was closer.

THANK YOU for sharing!

Darjeeling Darlings said...

Love it! What a cute piece of architecture.

Denise at Uniquely Tea said...

Marilyn, I hope you'll make it to the Charleston, SC area someday - it's so pretty and you would LOVE Charleston, and the tea plantation.

Denise at Uniquely Tea said...

LaDonna, It doesn't seem like their entire collection would fit in there, does it? They probably rotate it. If I had a collection that size, I would want to rotate them as well - not just to allow for seasonal changes, but just to get on some kind of cleaning schedule for them all!

Denise at Uniquely Tea said...

Hi Pippa and Jules, I'm glad you stopped by and hopefully y'all will be able to make a road trip down there someday, or at least to the Charleston Tea Plantation in South Carolina - a good road trip from Virginia. :-)

Anonymous said...

i am one of julian and sybil boland's six children.(j's tearific teapot located in elloree,sc). the blue teapot is actually the ENTRANCE to the museum.the museum itself is located in several large rooms located between the entrance and the pharmacy which my father operates.the collection contains thousands of teapots which are uniquely displayed from over 20 countires. without actually visiting this free attraction,words cannot describe it. (maybe overwhelming,awesome,etc).my mother would love to give you a tour of it (803)-707-2017

Denise at Uniquely Tea said...

Hi and thank you so much for stopping by and clarifying this for us. Now we know!

I hope your folks have contacted South Carolina Tourism who might be able to help with getting the word out to tourists:

If I ever make it back 'home' (I am from Berkeley County but live in England now), I will definitely come by for a visit.

Thank you and I wish the best for J's Tearific Teapot Museum.

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