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Monday, November 2, 2009

New Tea Book: Travels in a Teacup

I found out about this new book on the Twinings website.

Paul Gunton spent decades working as a taster in the tea industry. He has travelled and worked in more countries than you can imagine, and has now put his memories, adventures, and stories into Travels in a Teacup, his latest book.

Paul Gunton was born in 1938 in Bromsgrove, England, setting off on his adventures at age 20. Married with two sons and two grandchildren, he now lives in the west of Ireland with his wife, continues to shave every morning with the Eclipse razor his father gave to him when he was fifteen years old and is quite content without the use of a watch, mobile telephone, computer and all associated equipment.

This book sounds like a great read and it now resides on my Wish List!

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