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Thursday, October 8, 2009

World's Largest Teapot, West Virginia

In my quest for unique tea discoveries, I happened upon Hampton's "Explore the Highway with Hampton, Save-A-Landmark” program. Its purpose is to identify and help refurbish some of America's historical, fun and unique roadside attractions. One of these fun and unique roadside attractions is "The World's Largest Teapot" in Chester, West Virginia.

From the Save-A-Landmark webpage:

In 1938, William “Babe” Devon transported a colossal root beer barrel from Pennsylvania to Chester, West Virginia. When he added a lid, spout and handle, the World’s Largest Teapot was born. Standing in front of Devon’s pottery store, the Teapot lured travelers off the road and into a concession and souvenir stand. In subsequent years, it was bought and sold several times, painted and repainted, used to sell lawn garden items and novelty gifts, and was finally closed and abandoned in 1971.

The land where the World’s Largest Teapot stood was purchased in 1984 and the whimsical landmark was in danger of demolishment, but the Teapot had won the hearts of the citizens of Chester. In 1987, Chester’s cherished landmark was donated to the city and moved to its present-day location. Town residents took action to restore the Teapot, with extensive repairs completed in 1990.

On May 23, 2007, nearly 20 years since the Teapot received any sugar, “Explore the Highway with Hampton, Save-A-Landmark” program volunteers had their work cut out for them. They tore-off and replaced the Teapot’s worn-out roof and then cleaned, scraped and sanded the surface of the Teapot before meticulously applying gallons of fresh paint. Hampton’s restoration of the World’s Largest Teapot is a testament to the citizens of Chester whose efforts maintained the Teapot for nearly 70 years. A donation from Hampton Hotels will enable the citizens of Chester to continue caring for the Teapot for years to come, and ensure that future generations of visitors will experience this unique treasure.
Let's raise our tea cups to Hampton's program for allowing The World's Largest Teapot to continue serving up giant cups of fun for years to come!!!

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