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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tea Infusers for Cocktails

My friend Mary spotted this and sent it to me. Thanks, M! I had not seen these!

I rarely drink alcohol, but think this is a great idea for any type of drink for special occasions, the holidays, etc. Would be fun to experiment with.

I've always liked the look of TeaForte, and in a drinks glass, these are very attractive!

From TeaForte:

Enliven your Mojito, Margarita or any mixed drink including mocktails with an infusion of unique flavor from the tea experts at Tea Forte. Place an all-natural infuser in a glass, pour alcohol over the infuser, swirl and let steep for three minutes. Then enjoy the unique flavor of an exciting and refreshing new cocktail!

Lavender Citrus ~ enjoy natural flavors of White Tea and Lavender in your Martinis, Cosmopolitans or your own high-end cocktail.

Lemongrass Mint ~ add a dash of flavorful Lemongrass and Mint to Mojitos, Gin and Tonics or other tropical drinks.

Silkroad Chai ~ the blend of Black Tea and Chai spices pair perfectly with Rum and Tonic or White Russians.

What concoction would you create using these infusers???

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