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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Teacup Tango

Elizabeth H. emailed recently after "stumbling upon my blog." She's a newlywed (1 year) and her husband David is British. (We at Uniquely Tea like that.)

They are "avid tea lovers" and recently wrote two songs about tea and its health benefits for the Calm-A-Sutra scholarship competition.

Here's "The Teacup Tango", their song about the lifestyle and health advantages of drinking tea - and the different ways people do it around the world.

When the kettle starts to boil
I want to reach out for my teacup.
I love to watch the vapors coil.
It perks my mind and my physique up.
I love it green, I love it black too,
Or infused with peach or mango.
That's why I'm always coming back to
My teacup tango.

It can fight each stress and strain,
And each bacterium and fungus.
Helps with liveliness of brain.
Oh yes, its virtues are humongous.
When I have a flu or fever
And wonder where did my elan go?
I turn just like a true believer
To my teacup tango.

It makes my breath fresher,
It lowers my blood pressure,
Prevents hypertension
And sharpens my attention.
It even wards off cancer,
Keeps me a healthy dancer
With my favorite kind of dance:

You can use a samovar
Or a tetsubin to heat it.
Egyptians drink it at the bar.
In Myanmar they even eat it.
So on any far excursion,
Anywhere on earth you can go,
You will always find a version
Of the teacup tango.

Click here to view their other entry, "The Scale of Tea".

These are smashing! Good luck on the competition, Elizabeth and David!!

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