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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Introducing: The Spon

The Spon

The Problem & The Solution

The Problem
Baking and sauce mixes clogging in the bowl of a wooden spoon while the back does all the work.

The Solution
Make a spoon with 2 backs.

The Benefits
The two backs and extra weight at the "business end" means greatly increased beating power. This means that, for most baking recipes, all the ingredients can be measured straight into the bowl with no need to sift flour or beat the eggs, thus reducing preparation time and clean-up. With no spoon bowl to clog with mixture and extra weight, everything mixes together quickly and easily.

The spon is the brainchild of Scottish tearoom owner Neal Robertson. Check out the story behind the Spon here.

I absolutely love this new gadget and think I am going to order a set. I want my Victoria Sponge to look like the one on his website!

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