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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pictorial Tea Tour - ELIZABETH II

Queen Elizabeth II

A regular day at Buckingham Palace for Queen Elizabeth begins at 8:00am with a cup of Darjeeling tea (and milk) that is brought in by her Personal Assistant. The burning question is: is the Queen a Tiffy (tea-in-first) or a Miffy (milk-in-first) ? ? ?

The British Standards Institute has proclaimed that milk is best poured in before the tea, though this is debated by some tea lovers. Those in favor say that the hot water scalds the milk, which brings out the tea's flavor. Others have speculated that the milk-in-first theory prevents the china cup from cracking in reaction to the boiling water.

But I guess when you’re a Queen, broken tea cups don’t present a problem. Her Majesty reportedly enjoys her tea by adding the milk afterward.

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How interesting with we started our Pictorial Tea Tour with Elizabeth I, and ended with Elizabeth II!
This concludes our virtual tea tour through the National Portrait Gallery, London. I hope you have enjoyed seeing the faces of some of the more well-known tea people throughout history.
Don't forget - you can experience the real tour next autumn (13-18 Sept 2010) on the Tea in London trip. Details coming soon!
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