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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pictorial Tea Tour .................... QUEEN VICTORIA (c.1897)

Queen Victoria
National Portrait Gallery, London

Throughout her reign, Queen Victoria was a great tea drinker. According to The Private Life of the Queen published in 1897:

“Her Majesty has a strong weakness for afternoon tea. From her early days in Scotland, when [John] Brown and the other gillies [hunting/fishing guide] used to boil the kettle in a sheltered corner of the moors while Her Majesty and the young Princesses sketched, the refreshing cup of tea has ever ranked high in the Royal favor. It is principally to supply the Queen’s tea-table that the confectionery cooks are kept busy all the year round at Windsor, for wherever the Court may be there must follow a large supply of cakes. The tea consumed in the palaces costs four shillings a pound, and the Queen drinks the same as every one else. Whether the Queen helps to boil the kettle herself, or whether it is brought to her ready made, she always loves her tea.”

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