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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tea Football

Tea Ladies are not just found in offices, hospitals, or factories. Did you know that some UK football teams have their very own Tea Lady? !

54-year old Jennifer Rose works as a Tea Lady for Celtic Football [soccer] Club, Glasgow, Scotland.

Here are some excerpts from an interview with Jennifer:

How did you get the job as Tea Lady?

A family friend asked me to help out for one game - and that was 35 years ago. I have been at every home game since.

The players used to get tea before the game and at half-time. We would send flasks [thermoses] into the changing rooms, along with a tray of Tunnock's tea cakes.

This Tunnock Tea Cake is dedicated to Smitten

What is your favourite Celtic match?

I have never seen one because I am always working during games.

The kitchen used to be under the main stand and we could tell how well Celtic were doing by the stomping of feet above us. Now the game is relayed to a TV but I'm too busy to watch.

Do the players still get tea before a game?

It is all microbiotic diets and glucose drinks now. There is still time for a cuppa after the match if they want one.

How does Martin O'Neill [former Celtic manager who led the team to 3 finals] jump so high?

I put a little something in his tea!

(Evening Times. Newsquest (Herald & Times) Ltd. 2003)

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