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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

200 Tin Teacups

This is a timely follow-up to the recent series of tea tin posts here at Uniquely Tea.

From Consuming Conversation series, 2001-04 Variant edition of 200 cups. Pre-printed steel from recycled tin containers, sterling silver and brass handles, gold rivets. Each cup is unique. The cups are exhibited and sold in stacks. Some of the stacks are made up of individual cups held together by magnets. (These can be rearranged.) Other stacks are permanently attached with a concealed rod going through all the cups.

These teacups aren't made from recycled tea tins, but they are made from recycled tins by San Mateo, California artist Harriete Estel Berman.

"Like recurring conversations with friends over cups of tea or coffee, this works reflects the consuming conversation of our consumer society. The recycled tin containers used to construct this work are diverted from a destiny as trash, revitalizing the mundane into the extraordinary." - Harriete Estel Berman

The Fabrication Process is a documentary video that highlights the making of the 200 teacups in the artists studio. The 200 teacups are made from recycled tin cans, diverted from their destiny as trash. Beginning with post-consumer material they revitalize the mundane into the extraordinary.
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