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Friday, April 17, 2009

Let there be light! (And teacups)

Teacup lighting from,
Brooklyn, NY

From their website:

When you or I look at a teacup we think “put some Earl Grey in it and a couple lumps of sugar”. When the innovative duo behind Domestic Construction sees a teacup they think “Let’s make a hanging lamp out of this”…and that’s just what they did!

The “ted” lights are a unique and creative option for anyone looking to light their life with style. The vintage ceramic or porcelain teacups, acquired from flea markets and thrift stores all over the country, dangle delicately on the end of an 11-foot cord with an attached plug…ready to illuminate any space. Single teacup light too minimalist for your tastes? Don’t worry…Domestic Construction offers their "ted" lights in cluster and chandelier form.

Ranging from 3-13 exquisite teacups, these bundles of beauty are hardwired and fully prepped for immediate installation in the ceiling. This gives the phrase “tea time” a whole new meaning.

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