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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sparkling Wine Tea

My best friend Mary and I treated ourselves to a special break this morning as we needed to "catch up" with one another's lives. Our visit included a hearty Irish breakfast at Fuschia Tea Room in Charleston. Mary had a breakfast quiche, I had a bowl of Irish steel cut oatmeal (served in an oversized teacup - see below), and we shared a bracing pot of steaming hot Barry's Irish tea together with scones, cream, and jam. Who said breakfast can't be fun????!!!

We decided to exit through Fuschia's wonderful gift shop, Forty Shades of Green, and it was there that we spotted Golden Star Sparkling Tea. Yes, sparkling TEA!

It was a major mistake that I didn't purchase a bottle, because the description on the Golden Star website is intoxicating (even though the tea isn't - it's non-alcoholic). Check it out for yourself, and in the meantime ~ have you had sparkling tea?

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