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Monday, November 23, 2009

Queen Victoria's Tea House

This 1869 brick and tiled Tea House was built for Queen Victoria in the southeastern corner of the garden at Frogmore in Windsor. That is wisteria growing on the tea house. It's beautiful when in bloom!

Opposite the Tea House Queen Victoria erected a granite drinking fountain, inscribed 'In affectionate remembrance of John Brown, Queen Victoria's devoted personal attendant and friend, 1883'.

Here is a detailed photograph of the Tea House, where you can see the granite drinking fountain.


Jason Witt said...

That's really some beautiful architecture. A big reason why is that it's made to last. The close-up photo shows the tiling on the siding and roof of the tea house to have the look of something that will be around for centuries.

Rebecca said...

Thank you for sharing this...This was certainly built to last, just like the wonderful Victoria!

YourTeaLife said...

How beautiful! Is this open to the public?

Angela McRae said...

How very beautiful! I'll bet it's even more breathtaking when the wisteria is in bloom!

Denise ~ Charleston, South Carolina. said...

YourTeaLife, yes Frogmore is open to the public for only a few days every year. I am lucky enough to have visited it twice.

Marilyn Miller said...

I wonder if she had tea there often? Loved the origami teabag too.

parTea lady said...

What a beautiful tea house - I'd love to see Frogmore.

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