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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reading Tea Leaves ~ The Zodiac Cup

Although many people prefer a simple white cup for tea leaf reading, there are also traditions concerning the positional placement of the leaves in the cup, and some find it easier to work with marked cups. Beginning in the late 19th century and continuing to the present, English and American potteries have produced specially decorated cup and saucer sets for the use of tea-leaf readers. Many of these designs are patented and come with instructions explaining their mode of use. Some of the most common were those that were given away with purchases of bulk tea.

There are dozens of individual designs of fortune tellers' cups, but the three most common types are Playing Card cups, Symbol cups, and Zodiac cups.

Zodiac cups - These sets contain zodiacal and planetary symbols. Typically the interior of the cup contains the planetary symbols, while the saucer has the astrological sign symbols, but there are many variations and exceptions to this common pattern. The placement of these symbols allows the reader to combine astrology with tasseography.


Rebecca said...

Very interesting...

Jason Witt said...

I don't know which is better--the symbol cup or zodiac cup. The zodiac cup might be heavenly-minded but the symbol cup seems made just for tea specifically. I'll probably go with the symbol cup first and the zodiac second. --Spirituality of Tea

Margaret Studer said...

This is a fascinating take to reading tea leaves. I've never seen this method before.
Some people believe that Halloween is the night when you can most clearly foretell the future. This would be an interesting cup to have at a tea party on Halloween.

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