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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween Tea Book: "Old Black Witch"

"Old Black Witch" is a wonderful children’s book from 1963 written by husband and wife team Wende and Harry Devlin. It is a story about an old witch who haunts a tearoom! She doesn’t much appreciate the mother and son who decide to convert her old New England house into a tearoom, and she wants them out of there! But in the end, the unlikely trio combines their efforts.

This is a highly collectible book, no longer in print. Available from Amazon (purchase here), eBay, or perhaps from your local library. Definitely worth a read- and not just at Halloween!

P.S. There are 2 sequels: Old Witch and the Polka Dot Ribbon (1970 - purchase here) and Old Witch Rescues Halloween (1972 - purchase here).

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Jason Witt said...

Nice tip about this book. It's now on my wish list. There are used copies right now for $20 and that's not too bad. --Teaternity

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