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Monday, August 10, 2009

World's First Underground Tearoom?

I have been on Twitter now for about a week and have been amazed at the things I have learned and the people I have "met" !

Are you aware of the underground restaurant thing going on around the world? I wasn't ... until "Lady Gray", an American living in London, found me on Twitter.

Lady Gray operates the Hidden Tea Room ~ a private underground restaurant in her home in London ~ where she hosts private Traditional and Champagne Afternoon Teas. Be sure to visit their cracking website.

The legalities of such a business aside, I think it's an amazing concept!

The Hidden Tearoom, London


Lady Gray said...

Hello :) Thank you for the lovely mention on your blog. :)

Cant wait to hopefully work with you for your next tea tour in London. I think your tours are a fantastic idea.

We obviously rate afternoon tea too, and thought an underground resto which offers Londoners and visitors alike an opportunity to experience a mroe personal tea would be fab. :)
Have checked out your website and your tour sounds amazing! :)

very best wishes,
~Lady Gray

Smitten by Britain said...

Isn't Twitter an awesome tool for the blogger? Opens up a whole new world doesn't it?

As a fan of web design, I love the header on this site. Did you notice the water running out of the tap? Ha,ha! Adorable.

This is a very cool idea for a tea room by the way. The more tea rooms we have the better, eh?

Bernideen said...

How fascinating! The rules are so strict for commercial kitchens in the US - I would be afraid if I was them - but what do I know about the|UK!

Rebecca said...

Thank you for posting this...Looks very interesting...

Steph said...

I would love to visit an underground restaurant or tea room!

Denise ~ Charleston, South Carolina. said...

Lady Gray ~ I will be in touch soon. Would love to add a stop to your flat on next year's Tea in London tour!

Melissa, yes I noticed that - and all the little twinkling stars on some of the appliances ... and the steam rising out of the pan on the range. Love it!

Bernideen, I suppose there is an element of risk involved but there are thousands of underground restaurants in the world!

Rebecca, welcome to Uniquely Tea. I love your blog! It looks like you are a fan of the Pre-Raphaelites. So am I. Could so easily become obsessed with it, actually.

Steph, you never know, you might find some if you do a Google search of your area there in Bloomington.

Marilyn Miller said...

I know there are some underground restaurants in the Portland area, I just haven't explored them. Interesting concept. I had actually thought about doing something like that for tea in the greenhouse we are building. And my husband thinks it will just be a greenhouse, ha!

Denise ~ Charleston, South Carolina. said...

Marilyn, ha ha! Go for it!

Angela McRae said...

Fascinating! I'll be checking into this underground restaurant trend and checking with some of my foodie friends. Please post more about your Tweeting when you can. I signed up for a Twitter account but didn't really know what I was doing and quickly bailed out!

parTea lady said...

Very interesting. I had never heard of underground restaurants. I'd love to visit an underground tea room of the calibre of Lady Gray's. Her menu sounds wonderful.

...mmm... said...

I soooo want to go! :)

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