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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pictorial Tea Tour ...................... WINSTON CHURCHILL (c.1942)

Winston Churchill
National Portrait Gallery, London

Winston Churchill declared, in 1942, that “Tea is more important than ammunition”, and – during the war years of tea rationing - directed that servicemen always had as many cups as they wanted and that it would be issued without restriction.

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Sonalida said...

Hello, this is my first visit to your blog which I find it very informative. I enjoyed reading your posts, and appreciate the fact that you encourage the ladies to have their mammograms, that is great. I must say I do agree with Churchill. Please to join me for a cup of virtual tea at your convenience.

Denise ~ Charleston, South Carolina. said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the invitation!

Angela McRae said...

Certainly a man who had his priorities in the right order!

Steph said...

I didn't know of that quote, but it is a great one!

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