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Saturday, July 11, 2009


Tea Friend and Tea Educator Nan Taylor, out in Southern California, is the owner of Tea Graces. Nan leads tea classes, publishes a quarterly newsletter, and speaks on various seminar topics. She is the author of The Graceful Art of Tea, now in its fourth printing.

Nan grew up in a home where tea "was a second language", and fortunately for all of us, she shares her vast knowledge in a set of 3 tutorial DVD's that I am reviewing this week. I have already reviewed Tutorial I and II, and today I conclude with a review of Tutorial III.

This last tea tutorial was taped LIVE at Tranquility Tea Room in Thousand Oaks, CA. It's great to see Nan's tea presentation "in action" - she is a gifted speaker. Topics covered include caffeine: coffee v. tea; how to approach the tea table; tea table and serviette etiquette (Don't know what a serviette is? Watch the DVD's and find out!); how not to hold a teacup; tea-in-first or milk-in-first?; proper teatime attire; the handshake; and conversation starters and listening tips...virtually everything one needs to know about a tea party. Following the presentation, Nan opened up the floor to questions and all the questions asked were great!

Nan Taylor, Author and Tea Educator

Nan likes to take a tea basket - a Basket of Blessings - to people in the hospital, a bereaved neighbor, a new mother, or to welcome someone new into the neighborhood. Nan's basket is lovely and filled with everything needed for an impromptu traveling tea party. As an added grace note, Nan wraps up this DVD series by showing us her own Basket of Blessings, and she explains piece-by-piece how you can create your own basket, always packed and ready to go for that special someone who needs a special tea blessing.

As with the first two DVDs, this session is a superb teaching tool - whether for presentation at a tea gathering or as a resource for those interested in becoming a tea educator.

I really, really enjoyed this series, and want to thank Nan for all the hard work she put into creating it. This is the only tea tutorial DVD on the market, and I highly recommend it to all tea enthusiasts.

You can order the 3-DVD set, and Nan's book, here.

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Belinda said...

I ordered based on these reviews. They should be a great help to our Tea Ministry and the Victorian Day Camp I do at Living History Farm.
Thanks for this blog

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