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Friday, July 10, 2009


Tea Friend and Tea Educator Nan Taylor, out in Southern California, is the owner of Tea Graces. Nan leads tea classes, publishes a quarterly newsletter, and speaks on various seminar topics. She is the author of The Graceful Art of Tea, now in its fourth printing.

Nan grew up in a home where tea "was a second language", and fortunately for all of us, she shares her vast knowledge in a set of 3 tutorial DVD's that I will am reviewing this week. Yesterday, I reviewed Tutorial I; today I am reviewing Tutorial II; and tomorrow (July 10) I shall conclude with a review of Tutorial III.

Tea Sandwiches

Tea Time Tutorial II covers the specifics of hosting an Afternoon Tea. The first part of the tutorial covers Nan's five favorite tea sandwiches: 1) egg salad, 2) olive tapenade, 3) cucumber, 4) chicken walnut salad, and 5) cottage cheese and carrot. The recipes for these can be found in her book, The Graceful Art of Tea. Step-by-step, Nan demonstrates how to make each tea sandwich. I especially like the garnish options she presents, including edible flowers. Nan also shares with us her method of preparing tea sandwiches a day ahead of time. Three of Nan's tea sandwich rules of thumb are 1) always use day old bread; 2) remove the crusts first; and 3) before adding sandwich filling, butter the bread with room temperature butter.

Afternoon Tea Party by Mary Cassatt

In the second half of the video, Nan discusses how she makes scones, and she shares several helpful tea tips and hints about hosting a tea party. The video closes with course-by-course footage of a tea party at Nan's home, attended by her daughter and best friends. The menu consists of raspberry sorbet, scones, toasted coconut ambrosia, tea sandwiches, fresh fruit and desserts, and iced and hot tea.

As an added grace note, Nan wraps up this second DVD by sharing some of her tea resources with us.

As with the first DVD, this session is a superb teaching tool - whether for presentation at a tea gathering or as a resource for those interested in becoming a tea educator.

Tomorrow you will be able to read my review of the third and final DVD in his set.

P.S. You can order these DVD's here.

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Southern Touch Catering said...

Can't wait until the final review. You've definately got me thirsting for the DVD's & the book (which I've been meaning to purchase for sometime now.) THANKS Denise.

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