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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tea and Wine

I attended a bridal shower this afternoon. It was a wine and cheese shower. Each guest brought 2 bottles of the same wine - one was opened and shared, and the other was put in a wine rack for the bride-to-be to take home. Among others, there were Bourdeaux and Burgundy wines from France, and Chianti from Italy (Tuscany).

Did you know that like wines, teas are often named for the areas where they are grown? Here are some examples:

Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
Assam (India)
Darjeeling (India)
Kenya (Africa)
Yunnan (China)
Formosa Oolong (Taiwan)

Tea Producing Countries


Rosemary said...

What an interesting idea for a briday shower - bring a bottle/share a bottle/give a bittle.

With regards to the world map, I find it interesting that the entire United States and Mexico are shaded in green and noted as tea producing countries when really only a small segment of the country is actually producing tea.

Rosemary said...

oh my... looks like I was drinking from the bittle at the briday shower... sorry for the typos!
(make that bottle... and bridal...)

Denise ~ Charleston, South Carolina said...

Nancy, I thought the same thing as you about the map. It would appear that under their mapping guidelines then, that the UK should be shaded in green as well as Tregothanan is producing tea down in Cornwall....

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