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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hot Cross Buns and a Pot of Tea

It just isn't Easter for us without Hot Cross Buns. They are quite difficult to find around these parts, but we lucked out today when we discovered a well-known, local German bakery that was selling them. As soon as we arrived home, the kettle was on and we enjoyed an impromptu tea with buns.


MikeH said...

I never even saw a hot Cross bun while I lived in the US - but I knew how much they cost ;) After I moved to England I was pleased to find out they do, indeed, exist, and now you can't swing a marshmallow chickie without hitting one.

Denise at Uniquely Tea said...

ha ha We loved the "cheep" ones from Tesco. The ones we bought yesterday were $6 for 8 quite large buns. Hot Cross Buns in America on Good Friday. Priceless. :-)

Smitten by Britain said... even pulled out the Coronation setting. How lovely. Wish I was there! Trust me, mine won't look so glamorous.

smitten by britain said...

Denise, I just returned from Panera's for lunch and they had hot cross buns!

BTW, do you have a Marshall's? They have 80ct. boxes of The London Cuppa for $5.99. Fantastic price!

parTea lady said...

Oh, that looks wonderful. My Mom used to bake her own Hot Cross Buns every Easter. They were also available at all the bakeries in Canada. I haven't enjoyed one in years - I'll be on the lookout for them now.

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog said...

These look lovely!

Phyllis said...

Love the photo of your impromptu tea and buns. Beautiful setting --should be in a magazine!
Sending Happy Easter wishes your way!

Angela McRae said...

Ah, to be there enjoying hot cross buns -- and on royal commemorative china! Wow!

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