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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Full English

Today's entry is a "one-for-the-pot" off-topic post that I like to throw in for good measure every now and then.

Tall and Handsome and I just returned from a few days in Florida visiting family from England who were down there on holiday. The weather was brilliant - sunny and in the 90's. We spent a day at Epcot, partied at Raglan Road Irish pub on St. Patrick's Day, did some shooting (at a target range, that is - great fun!), had Afternoon Tea, marveled at the Shuttle making its way across the sky after lift-off, watched Celtic beat Rangers at a British pub, and did some shopping.

A Full English at The George & Dragon, Orlando, Florida

Above is the Full English Breakfast we ordered one morning at The George. It consisted of toast (English bread), English sausages, English bacon, English beans, mushrooms, broiled tomato, and eggs. (Not to mention, of course, a cup of tea.)

Our Florida "souvenirs"

Now, normal people bring back Mickey Mouse toys and seashell necklaces as Florida souvenirs, but we scout out the local Brit food shops and bring back FOOD ~ all that wonderful British food that we miss.


Since returning to the States to live, I have done my best to periodically put together a Full English for Tall and Handsome, but it isn't really a "proper" Full English unless it contains the "proper" ingredients, so I really enjoyed fixing breakfast yesterday with a few of our Florida souvenirs - "proper" English beans, bangers, bacon, and bread - that we purchased at Churchill's English Grocery in Kissimmee.


I have lots more from our Florida vacation to share with you over the next week, so stay tuned!


Melissa said...

Good job you! Me and you both on the English souvenir thing. I think it's hilarious that your English in-laws spent so much time here in America at "Little England." ;)

Phyllis said...

So glad you had a great vacation in Florida. Thanks for sharing photos of British foods you purchased while there. Looks like you're an accomplished chef in preparing the "proper" British breakfast! ;-)

Marilyn Miller said...

I love seeing the British food and the breakfast. =Good to hear you were able to get away and have a delightful time.

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