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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's All Angela's Fault

A few posts ago I mentioned Angela over at Tea With Friends who has a collection of tea logo mugs. I thought collecting tea logo mugs was a great idea (Angela's a natural with great ideas) so I decided to start a little collection of my own. Since I already had a Yorkshire Gold mug, it seemed to make sense that my collection would center around UK brand tea mugs.

Introducing - ta! da! - the latest addition to my new collection:

Tregothan Tea is grown in Cornwall, England - after seven long years of research and experimentation. I was fortunate enough to have had some of the first Tregothan Tea in 2007 at The Orangery in London.

Off to search for more mugs ..... Twinings, Whittard, PG Tips, Tetley, etc. etc. etc.


Expat mum said...

OOh, never heard of that. I must get someone to send it.
I have a collection of mugs with different things on, and my mother recently remarked on it as a "motley" bunch. Huh.

Angela McRae said...

Never heard of Tregothnan (sounds like a character in "Lord of the Rings"), but I'll certainly be on the lookout now! I look forward to seeing your mug collection grow (and maybe mine as well!).

Steph said...

Was that during our trip? I didn't realize the connection!

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