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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Perfect Kettle?

(Available for purchase here)

Is it really possible to make "perfect tea" with the PerfecTemp tea kettle? This stovetop kettle by Teavana has an internal temperature gauge with markings for each type of tea. It whistles when water is boiling, has an ergonomic handle with a silicone grip to prevent burning, and a porcelain enamel exterior and interior with iron core for fast heating. Holds 3 quarts of water.

I am still lovin' my glass electric kettle but must admit that I think this one with built-in temperature guage is a great idea. Besides, every stovetop needs a red tea kettle on it, right?


Linda said...

This very well could be the perfect tea kettle, but I'll stay with my electric glass kettle. I like to watch the water boil and I really appreciate the automatic shut off when I forget or get distracted (which happens often).

Marilyn Miller said...

Yes, a red kettle would be lovely. I am loving my glass kettle right now too and like Linda I like seeing the water boil and then turn off all on it's own.

Steph said...

Oh, that thermometer is really handy! I always have a red kettle in my kitchen. I love red in the kitchen! I currently have Le Crueset, which I like. But no thermometer.

Angela McRae said...

Now *that* is an interesting kettle concept!

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