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Friday, January 9, 2009

"O" is for Orange [Pekoe]

Every Christmas, my father in Florida sends me a box....

...of the World's Only Limited Edition Fruit from Cushman's, and my box arrived today. The HoneyBells are here!

HoneyBells, a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit, are sweet, incredibly juicy (they enclose large plastic bibs in the box), and DELICIOUS! They are available once - and only once - for a few short weeks in January. Then there are no more... anywhere.

Speaking of oranges, I love citrus fruit - and citrus-flavored tea, like Lady Grey (purchase here).

But ironically, I won't be tasting any citrus-flavor in my cup of Orange Pekoe tea because the word "Orange" here is believed to be a reference to The Dutch Royal House of Orange. The Dutch East India Company had a central role in bringing tea to Europe, and may have marketed the tea as "Orange" to suggest a royal warrant.

So the next time someone orders the Orange Pekoe and begins to describe the lovely orange flavor .... gently set them straight!


Marilyn Miller said...

The Honey Bell's look so good, plus pretty. Enjoy!

Linda said...

I like the way you sneaked that bit of tea education into the Honey Bell post!

Steph said...

I just got a flyer on these and was wondering about them - thank you for the info!

honeybells said...

I've driven through the Indian River Valley down in Florida a few times during the exclusive Honeybell season. No doubt, honeybells are the citrus fruit of the gods. They aren't lying that you need a bib when you eat these things.

I have heard of some ladies jamming the honeybells so you can enjoy the taste all year long. I think that's a great idea. I personally prefer Hale Groves for my honeybells but Cushman's was the first to promote them in the Wall Street Journal (making them more expensive than they used to be..sigh). Now they are known worldwide during this time of year. Get them while you can.


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