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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


(Tea Illustration by Jack Cheng)

In honor of our new President, the clever people at Pearl Fine Teas have created the Obama Blend, which pays homage to Obama's African heritage and early years spent in Hawaii.

Here's what they say about it:

"...this organic African Red Bush Rooibos based "tea" is a mix of herbs with hints of Hawaiian fruit. Its smooth, fresh and lacks bitterness. Environmentally friendly, unexpected, and a little left of center. Contributes to your overall well being and health(care).

Sip to unwind after reading the NY Times, Wall Street Journal or watching the Stock Market.

*10% of each sale will go to the Washington Humane Society."

No matter what your persuasion,
please join me in raising a cup to our new President!


Expat mum said...

I will certainly join you in raising a cup, but it sounds suspiciously like a lot of other teas I find in the States - too fruity and more like hot juice!

Phyllis said...

I raise my cup to our new President and commit to praying for him as he leads our great country!

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