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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I worked for a period of time as a Legal Secretary for a High Street solicitor in England. There were many similarities in comparison to working as a Legal Secretary here in the States, but a lot of differences, as well. "The [UK] Legal Secretary's Guide" was my salvation.

Thought you might enjoy this section from the book: "You may find that you will never need to refer to some parts of the book, depending on what aspect of law your firm specializes in. In the smaller firms, your duties will probably be more diverse and you may be working in many different areas of law doing everything from making the tea and ordering stationery to meeting clients and attending court."

How true that turned out to be, as one of my duties was to bring a tea tray upstairs to the solicitor's office at precisely 3:00 every afternoon!


Angela McRae said...

How great to have a job where afternoon tea is a requirement!

Teresa @ Southern Touch Catering said...

The last office I worked in-as front office manager- required me to have coffee out every morning for clients as well as fresh baked muffins & juice. (I baked the muffins in our office kitchen- that didn't last long!) Tea was an after thought though and was available by request.

Steph said...

I wonder if disputes get settled more quickly over tea? :-)

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