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Monday, January 19, 2009

First Ladies' Inaugural Tea, Washington, DC

(Click here for more information)


Jean Vitrano said...

Oh...I lost my invitation, so glad that there is another.
I'd love to go to that one.
Denise, I love your blog site.
Best reagards,


Denise at Uniquely Tea said...

Nice to meet you, Jean and thank you for stopping by. I *love* your slogan over at Brew City Tea! I have a dear friend in Concord, NC who runs a tea shop whose slogan is "We encourage heavy drinking!" -yours is just as clever! Perhaps I'll do a blog post one of these days showcasing tea shop slogans! :-)

Angela McRae said...

If ONLY I had known about this event earlier! (Wouldn't you LOVE to be there?!!)

the voice of melody said...

What a special event this will surely be. Sounds pretty fancy! :)

Jean Vitrano said...

Please stop on over for a cuppa anytime! Blogging is new to me. I find it amazing the amount of information that is out there.
As for this inaugural tea, I am thinking that you would get the tea cup as a souvenir...wouldn't that be lovely?? But then, I bet you would be able to find one on ebay after tomorrow?? will have to take a look.

Janeen said...

Oh how I would lurve to go! Who would be there? What would be on the menu? Oh the possibilities!

Anonymous said...

It was more of religious get together than a per se tea, not truly what I expected.

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