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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tea Book of the Week: "A Social History of Tea"

Tea expert Jane Pettigrew has written many books - all of them superb - but "A Social History of Tea" is my favorite. If you love Britain and you love tea, you will love this book!

From the seventeenth century through today, "A Social History of Tea" covers every imaginable aspect of tea and tea drinking in Britain...Tea in Coffee Houses; Tea and Politics; Tea, Temperance and Health; Tea in Wartime; Tea Wares; etc. etc. etc. It is such an interesting read; Jane obviously totally immersed herself in research. (Wouldn't you love a job like that?!)

You will learn something new about tea in Britain on every page, and be further rewarded by a fascinating collection of photographs and drawings. Currently out of print, it is available for purchase here.

Be sure to visit Jane's website and her tea blog, Passport to Tea.
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