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Thursday, September 11, 2008

8:46 a.m. ..... 2,998 people

Just Add Water

The University of Derby [UK] holds an annual Arts, Design and Technology degree show for final year students. One of this year's entries is quite unique.

Fine Art student Vicky Sheward created a traditional British tea party scene with table, chairs, china, etc, as her work of art. "So what?" you say, "What's so unique about that?" Well, this tea party is different - all the furniture (and everything else) is coated in tea leaves!!

The exhibit, entitled Equalitea, "aims to capture the essence of the traditional British tea party". Says Vicky, "Coating the furniture with tea leaves symbolises how opium was hidden in tea and smuggled into the country in the past." Click here for the rest of the story to learn how she went about this task and where she got the tea leaves.
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