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Monday, September 1, 2008

Good Morning Madame

Don't ask me why but for some reason or another Tall and Handsome and I have become enamoured with clocks - clocks that chime, unique clocks, or just plain old clocks that appeal to us. Every hour, on the hour, our little cottage sounds like a clock shop with all the dings and dongs! This is my birthday month and because Tall and Handsome has the patience of a London cabbie, I have already been given - and opened - my pressie from him and I must say, he struck gold.

My gift was the Good Morning Madame alarm clock, made in England by Voco. No dings and dongs or annoying buzzers with this bedside clock, though. Instead, one is awakened first by the sound gentle birdsong, then a discreet cough, the words "Good Morning Madame", and then one of over a hundred different short messages. It is a man speaking in an English accent, sounding rather like a butler. Hmmm....that voice rings a bell (sorry for the pun).

Yes! Of course! It is Jeeves! Bertie Wooster's wonderful valet, Jeeves!

I don't know how in the world this company managed it, but the voice is that of Stephen Fry as "Jeeves" and the assortment of messages (150 in all) are quite amusing .....

"Good Morning Madame. I'm so sorry to disturb you but it appears to be morning. Very inconvenient, I agree. I believe it is the rotation of the earth that is to blame."

"Good Morning Madame. There is a gentleman from Berkeley Hathaway to see you. He says he wants to offer you a position based in the Bahamas at a salary of seventy two million dollars a year."

There's even one about tea:

This "alarm" clock is brilliant and even more so for fans (like us) of the Jeeves and Wooster British comedy series.

(By the way, there is also a Good Morning Sir version available.)

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