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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

For All The Tea In England

I really enjoy snooping around the BBC's website - you never know what you're going to find but it's always going to be interesting and informative. Case in point: A mini-documentary called For All the Tea in England (click here to view).

From the website: "In so many ways the image of tea as something quintessentially British is synonymous with a sepia-toned image of our nation – whether tea cosies in a working class home or a group of ladies sipping tea from fine china. Yet with nearly every nation on the planet now represented in this country, how true does that image remain? For All the Tea in England is a tea break-sized glimpse [about 14 minutes] into the many and varied ways that Britain’s favourite brew is enjoyed today – and it’s not always a simple case of tea bag and milk."

I hope you will enjoy this film. It does a wonderful job of capturing the diversity of tea drinking in England. Having lived there, I can promise you that it's not all silver teapots and fine china! England is probably more of a "melting pot" than America and the foreigners have brought their respective tea rituals with them. I love it!

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