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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Royal Doulton Teacups

In reading the latest issue of TeaTime magazine, I saw the prettiest teacup ~ "Polka Rose" (c.1930) by Royal Doulton. Wanting to know more about the pattern, I Googled it and was directed to the Royal Doulton website where I discovered their 100 Years of Royal Albert Collection: ten distinctive teacup patterns that pay tribute to Royal Albert's longevity and rich design history.

This collection is gorgeous and I'm afraid that I really, really, really need them! (The lower left teacup in the 1900-1940 collection below is the "Polka Rose".)

The first set is representative of the years 1900-1940:

The second set covers the years 1950-1990:

The teacups are bone china, with a commemorative backstamp, and arrive packaged in a presentation-style hat box. Each set of five cups and saucers costs $130.00 (plus $12.95 s&h) .... and if you register on their website, you will immediately be treated to a coupon worth 15% off your first order.

Now please excuse me while I go make some room in my china cabinet .....

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