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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Perfect Cream Tea Discovered

Described by Time Magazine as "one of the world's greatest food festivals", this year's Taste of London was held from June 19-22 at Regent's Park. A BBC "Points West" reporter searched amongst the vendors for the "perfect cream tea". Click here for a great little video on his results.


How on earth could I have missed this? A new (to me, anyway) tea magazine .... and from the UK, no less! To my knowledge, there aren't any tea magazines in the UK which makes this discovery - made literally moments ago - all the more sweet!
I received a book today from Amazon: Margaret Thornby's Guide to Tea Rooms of Britain (4th edition, 2006). (I like UK tearoom guides and am using my most recent assortment for a project I am working on.) Margaret Thornby is not connected with the UK Tea Guild and conducts her own research anonymously.

Anyway, the inside back cover of this little gem advertised a "new tea magazine": Margaret Thornby's "Tea & Tea Room Talk"! It's a quarterly magazine and the Premiere issue was published in January 2004! Where oh where have I been?
According to the website, "Tea" is a quarterly magazine aimed at those with a passion for tea drinking. (Um, that would be us, right???) Each issue of "Tea" will be crammed with tea and tearoom talk to inform, intrigue, inspire and tantalise tea lovers. Regular features include: tea travels, tea tasting, tearoom spotlight and tea paraphernalia. It certainly makes sense to me that someone who has visited thousands of tearooms across the UK should share their experiences in a magazine.

You can subscribe online (£24/1-year subscription outside Europe) and even order back issues (ranging from £4.00 to £6.00 each), payable via PayPal. Of course, with the current exchange rate, it becomes a bit pricey, but cost is relative, isn't it, when it comes to tea things - especially unbeknownst (until now) tea things!!!

Hope this bit of news makes your day, tea lovers!
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