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Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Boudoir Cap

When I was living in London, Tall and Handsome and I made regular visits to the Museum of London. In 2003, we went to see a special exhibition called 1920s The Decade That Changed London. It was brilliantly done, and very interesting.

Among the things I learned there was that the four most valuable imports into London’s docks in the 1920s were tea, rubber, wool, and beef. I was also introduced to the Boudoir Cap, a "necessary" fashion accessory between 1926-1935.

According to the exhibit: "The boudoir cap was a must-have for women across all social classes. They were worn first thing in the morning when drinking morning tea. Advertised as 'for the smart bedroom woman', boudoir caps were widely used as they were cheap to buy or make. Essential for women in the Twenties, 'the absurdity didn't follow us into the Thirties.' (Ethel Mannin)"
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