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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Book of the Week: "Time For Tea"

There are loads of tea books on my bookshelf - most of them from the US, a few from the UK. It's very difficult to single any one out in particular as my "favorite" so from time to time I'll be sharing all my favorites. Without further ado, here's the first:

Time for Tea: Tea and Conversation with Thirteen English Women by Michele Rivers is a delightful read! The idea for the book came about when the author was at Afternoon Tea with some American friends. Amidst the clink of fine china on starched linen, she found herself trying to explain to them that tea for English women, really, is not usually quite so formal. (I discovered this to be so true when I lived in England. Alas! The myth was shattered!) It was then that Michele decided to write a book containing interviews with very different English women - from store clerks to horse women to 15-year old students to tea shoppe owners to Virginia, Lady Bath Marchioness of Bath - who share with her their personal tea time rituals. It's full of recipes for tea treats and some of the most delicious tea time photography you will ever see. Read more about it by clicking on the title under "Recommended Reading".
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