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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday Snap

Hear ye! Hear ye! This blogger hereby declares every Saturday as "Saturday Snap" day, meaning that on Saturday's I am going to post a photo (or two) that I love - just because.

One of my favorite things to do online is the Google image search. You would be amazed at the interesting and beautiful pictures that pop up using the keywords "tea", "tea cup", "tea room", etc.

Ahhh...tea room. I truly believe that there are no two words in the English vocabulary that I love more than "tea room". (Well, okay, maybe "chocolate cake".) Nevertheless, I am definitely a tea room kinda girl and you will be hearing (and seeing) a lot more about tea rooms on this blog in the days to come.

Tea Cup Elephant Ears

Or more commonly known as "Elephant Ears".

I am not a gardener, but have seen many varieites of Elephant Ears used in landscaping and I must admit that I do like these shade-loving giants. This one in particular - called "Tea Cup" - gently cups small amounts of water in each leaf bringing a quiet and tranquil effect to the garden. Quite nice.
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