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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tea Book(s) of the Week: "Tea With Friends" and "Celtic Tea With Friends"

These books by Elizabeth Knight are perfect. I truly mean that. They are perfect - and no tea lover's bookshelf should be without them.

Each book contains all the information a person could ever need to plan a fabulous themed tea: background information on the theme; menu suggestions (beverages/savories/sandwiches/sweets); centerpiece and music ideas; and recipes. But that's not all - they are also chock full of charming (and I do mean charming) illustrations, tea quotations, and loads of other extras like tea-food pairing charts and etiquette tips.

(Available for purchase here)

"Tea With Friends" contains 13 tea party themes, such as a "St. Nicholas Brunch Tea" (December), "Lady Liberty Tea" (July), and "Literary Tea" (September).

"Celtic Tea With Friends" is filled with even more goodies and its 13 tea party themes here concentrate on tea traditions from Cornwall, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Discover the tradition of "Nollaig na mBan - The Women's Christmas Tea" (January), follow Elizabeth's suggestions for a "Sip-n-See Baby Blessing Tea", and of course, use the authentic ideas for a "St. Paddy's Day CĂ©ilidh Tea" (March).

(Available for purchase here)

I love looking through each of these books even when I'm not planning a tea party. The recipes are tried-and-true, and I always learn something new about tea and tea time.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for such enchanting tea books!


Marilyn Miller, the Marmalady said...

I have enjoyed both of Elizabeth Knight's book and sell Tea with Friends on my website.

Loved the quote you left me on my blog. I have realized as I take pictures that I see more clearly the beauty around us. Looking through the camera lens has allowed me to take note and enjoy! Thanks!

Mmm said...

wonderful books! i just came across your blog from "Smitten with Britain"'s blog! Lovely. It's good to see some people really do like tea!

Mmm said...

I note too we have a lot of similar movie tastes. So, you married a Brit, no less, and as an Anglophile! lucky gal! My wife, on the other hand married me--as a Francophile!! come on now, that's not fair! I mean, how many non Anglophile, American Francophiles are there?!! :)P

Denise at Uniquely Tea said...

mmm, yes, I too noticed our similar tastes in movies...but don't EVEN get me started on the French! (Although Paris *is* a wonderful place to visit!) :-)

Rebecca said...

Lovely sight! I found you by way of MMM's wonderful blog..

Oh my, you're in Charleston,SC...That's perhaps my favorite city( along with New Orleans) and hopefully new home in 4 years. My husband is in the Naval Reserves( Training to become a Navy Dentist) and we are keeping fingers crossed that we will be based in Charleston...

Wonderful meeting you!

Mmm said...

Good luck Rebecca, that would be a wonderful place to be located.

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