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Monday, November 3, 2008

2009 Tea Calendars - Day 1 of 5

I don't know about you, but with the superb array of subject matters, sizes and styles, I happen to think that a calendar is a great little pressie for gift-giving. So as we inch closer and closer to the end of the year, I decided to do some research on the various 2009 tea-themed calendars that are out there and I'll be sharing 2 different ones every day for the next 5 days. Hope you will find just the perfect one for under your (or someone else's) tree! (Feel free to let me know if you discover any that I have missed.)

We're going to start with the ultimate ~ the Grand Dame of all tea calendars and one I buy every, single year: The Collectible Teapot & Tea Calendar. Joni Miller has created this beautiful calendar annually since 1996. The gorgeous teapots featured therein are from tea company archives, teapot museums, antiques dealers, cherished private collections (waving to Eve!), leading auction houses, and Joni's personal collection.

As if this calendar wasn't perfect enough, it now includes a set of postcards depicting each monthly teapot. What a bonus! (Purchase here.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here's an adorable mini (3" x 4") desk calendar that I purchased for myself.
I don't recall seeing this in past years.

There is either a tea quotation or tea fact on each page.
I like the tiny illustrations - the pages are not just plain, white paper.
(Purchase here.)


Steph said...

Very exciting!

Rosemary said...

The 2009 Grande Dame of calendars is already in my desk drawer.... filling up with reservations for a new year! I didn't realize there were so many other options though! Looking forward to seeing them. Nancy

Denise at Uniquely Tea said...

It's been fun "researching" although for some reason whenever I do "research" it ends up equating to "$$$$$" !!!!! :-)

Marilyn Miller, the Marmalady said...

Cute little desk calendar. I also have not seen that before.

Kelly said...

Am enjoying a cup of Mariage Freres "The Sur Le Nil" as I read you this morning! Glad you liked the reference to Robin's! Wasn't it a wonderful place?

Angela McRae said...

Can't wait to see the other great calendars you find for us. And I totally agree with your Grande Dame assessment. She's looking over my computer even as I type ...

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